Sambalpur & Ainthapali Bus Stand Enquiry No. 94378 82124


Sambalpur and Ainthapali are significant transportation hubs in the vibrant city of Sambalpur, serving as crucial gateways for commuters and travelers alike. The bus stands play a pivotal role in connecting people to various destinations within the region and beyond. For the convenience of passengers, the Sambalpur and Ainthapali Bus Stand offer a dedicated Enquiry helpline accessible at No. 94378 82124.

This Enquiry number serves as a valuable resource for travelers seeking information about bus schedules, routes, fares, and other related queries. Whether it’s local city bus routes, intercity travel, or long-distance journeys, the Enquiry helpline proves to be a reliable source for accurate and up-to-date information. The dedicated staff at the Enquiry desk are committed to assisting passengers and addressing their concerns promptly and efficiently.

With the aid of this helpline, travelers can plan their journeys more effectively, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. The Sambalpur and Ainthapali Bus Stand Enquiry No. 94378 82124 serves as a guiding beacon, enhancing the overall transportation services and connectivity within the city and the region at large.

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Toll-Free Number & ll India Number

TypeContact NumberAvailability
Toll-Free Number (General Support / Complaint)1800 345 112210 am – 6 pm
All India Number (Sambalpur Bus Stand Enquiry)94378-82124
All India Number (Bus Stand Enquiry No.)97766-55850
All India Number (Another No. For Bus Stand Enquiry No.)91782-90074
All India Number (Online Booking/E-Booking Refund No.)95135-08001


helpdesk@busindia.comOnline Booking Assistance
complaint.osrtc@gmail.comGeneral Support / Complaints

Important Links

Important LinksPurpose
Online Bus BookingBook bus tickets online
Bus Time TableView the schedule and timings of buses
View/Print TicketAccess and print your booked bus ticket
Track Your BusReal-time tracking of your bus
Ticket CancellationCancel your booked bus ticket
Counter BookingBook bus tickets at the bus stand counter
Online Booking Complaint RegistrationRegister complaints related to online booking

Contact Number of Operators of  Booking Counter

Name of Computerised Booking CounterName of EmployeesContact Mob. No.
SambalpurJasobant Pradhan8895558600
AinthapaliAshok Ku. Das9437882124

Faqs About Sambalpur & Ainthapali Bus Stand Enquiry No.

What are the Enquiry numbers for Sambalpur and Ainthapali Bus Stands?

The Enquiry number for Sambalpur Bus Stand is 94378-82124, and for Ainthapali Bus Stand, it is 97766-55850.

What information can I get from these Enquiry numbers?

These Enquiry numbers provide information about bus schedules, routes, fares, and other related queries for the respective bus stands.

Are these Enquiry numbers available 24/7?

The availability of these Enquiry numbers may vary. However, it is advisable to call during regular operating hours to ensure assistance.

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