Rishikesh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 90455 99119


The Rishikesh Bus Stand Enquiry Number, 90455 99119, serves as an essential communication channel for individuals seeking information related to bus services in Rishikesh. With a focus on delivering accurate details promptly, this contact number provides assistance regarding bus schedules, routes, fares, and other related inquiries.

Whether catering to the needs of tourists planning their spiritual and adventure-filled journeys or locals navigating within the serene city of Rishikesh, the Enquiry Number acts as a valuable resource. By dialing 90455 99119, travelers can access up-to-date information, ensuring a more informed and convenient travel experience from the Rishikesh Bus Stand.


PurposeContact Number
Toll-Free Number1800 121 0802
Helpdesk/Cancel Ticket/Refund/Enquiry84760 07605

Email Address

PurposeEmail Address
UTC Helpdeskhelp.utconline@gmail.com

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1. What is the purpose of the Rishikesh Bus Stand Enquiry Number (90455 99119)?

The Rishikesh Bus Stand Enquiry Number, 90455 99119, is a dedicated contact line established to provide information about bus services, schedules, routes, and other related inquiries at the Rishikesh Bus Stand.

2. How can I reach the Rishikesh Bus Stand Enquiry Number?

To contact the Rishikesh Bus Stand Enquiry Number, simply dial 90455 99119 on your phone. This number is designed to assist travelers with accurate and updated information about bus services in Rishikesh.

3. What type of information can I obtain from this Enquiry Number?

The Enquiry Number offers information regarding bus timings, routes, ticket prices, and any other queries pertaining to bus transportation within Rishikesh.

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