Prayagraj Bus Stand Enquiry No.


The Prayagraj Bus Stand, also known as the Allahabad Bus Stand, serves as a crucial transportation hub in the city of Prayagraj (formerly known as Allahabad), India. It facilitates the movement of thousands of passengers daily, connecting them to various destinations within the region and beyond.

For travelers seeking information or assistance, the Prayagraj Bus Stand Enquiry Number is the go-to resource. By dialing this contact number, travelers can inquire about bus schedules, ticket availability, departure and arrival timings, as well as other essential travel-related details.

The Enquiry No. acts as a helpful guide for both locals and tourists, providing them with the necessary information to plan their journeys efficiently. Additionally, the staff at the Prayagraj Bus Stand is dedicated to offering prompt and reliable assistance, ensuring a smooth travel experience for all passengers.

Whether you are embarking on a pilgrimage, a business trip, or simply exploring the city, the Prayagraj Bus Stand Enquiry Number proves to be an invaluable resource in making your travel endeavors hassle-free and convenient.

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Prayagraj Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0532-2407 257


TypePhone Number
Toll-Free1800 180 2877
All India (Enquiry)0522-2622 363
All India (Extension)0522-2625 453
Call / WhatsApp Support94150 49606

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Contact No.

Depot/Bus StationEnquiry No.RM/ARMDesignationContact No.
PrayagrajMukesh KumarRM8004912960
Leader RoadARM9453007407
Zero Road7521801226Ashok Kumar SagarARM9412705840
Civil Lines0532-2407257,
C B RamARM9415007594
Mirzapur05442-220562Shri H.S. PandeyARM9415049687
Pratapgarh05342-220820P K KatiyaarARM9415049776
LalganjShri P.K KatiyaarARM9415049776
Vindhyachal05442-242152H S Pandey9415049687
BadhshahpurCB RamARM9415007594

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