Nadiad Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0268-2566 411


Nadiad Bus Stand, located in the vibrant city of Nadiad, is a significant transportation hub connecting passengers to various destinations. The bus stand serves as a pivotal point for travelers, providing access to an extensive network of buses that ply both within the city and to neighboring regions. For the convenience of passengers, the Nadiad Bus Stand has set up an Enquiry Center, which can be reached at the contact number 0268-2566 411.

The Enquiry Center plays a crucial role in assisting passengers with their travel-related queries. Whether it’s information about bus schedules, ticket availability, routes, or any other travel-related inquiries, the friendly staff at the Enquiry Center are always ready to lend a helping hand. Their dedication to providing accurate and up-to-date information ensures that travelers have a smooth and hassle-free journey.

The Nadiad Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0268-2566 411 acts as a reliable resource for commuters, enabling them to plan their travel effectively and make informed decisions. This facility demonstrates the commitment of the transportation authorities towards enhancing the overall travel experience for the passengers. With prompt and courteous assistance available through this helpline, passengers can navigate their way through the intricacies of travel arrangements and enjoy a seamless journey from Nadiad Bus Stand to their desired destinations.

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All India Number & Toll-Free Number

TypeToll-Free NumberAll India NumberOperating Hours
Contact Support1800 233 666 666Mon-Sun 8am-8pm
New Bus Station0268-2566 411
Old Bus Station0268-2568 965


erefund@mail1.gsrtc.inFor Refunds Complaints
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Nadiad Division (Bus & Booking Enquiry)

Sr. No.Bus Stand / Control PointEnquiry No.
1Nadiad Old Bus Station0268-2568965
2Nadiad New Bus Station0268-2566411
3Anand Old Bus Station02692-252333
4Anand New Bus Station02692-253293
5Vidhyanagar Control Point02692-230999
6Borsad Bus Station02696-220028
7Vasad Control Point02692-274205
8Bhadran Control Point02696-288411
9Khambhat Bus Station02698-220242
10Tarapur Control Point02698-255627
11Dakor Old Bus Station02699-244277
12Dakor New Bus Station02699-245277
13Umreth Control Point02692-276068
14Thasra Control Point02699-222046
15Balasinor Bus Station02690-266026
16Virpur Control Point02690-278156
17Sevaliya Control Point02699-233316
18Kheda Bus Station02694-222034
19Mahemdavad Control Point02694-244137
20Kapadvanj Bus Station02691-252816
21Mahudha Bus Station0268-2572526
22Kathlal Control Point02691-243476
23Matar Bus Station02694-285536
24Petlad Bus Station02697-224371
25Dharmaj Control Point02697-244245
26Sojitra Control Point02697-233255

Nadiad Division Contacts

Sr. No.DesignationMobile No.
1Stand Incharge Anand6359918645
2Stand Incharge Balasinor6359918648
3Stand Incharge Borsad6359918651
4Stand Incharge Dakor6359918654
5Stand Incharge Kapadvanj6359918657
6Stand Incharge Kheda6359918663
7Stand Incharge Khmbhat6359918660
8Stand Incharge Mahudha6359918666
9Stand Incharge Matar6359918669
10Stand Incharge Nadiad6359918672
11Stand Incharge Petlad6359918675
12Workshop Incharge Anand6359918646
13Workshop Incharge Balasinor6359918649
14Workshop Incharge Borsad6359918652
15Workshop Incharge Dakor6359918655
16Workshop Incharge Kapadvanj6359918658
17Workshop Incharge Kheda6359918664
18Workshop Incharge Khmbhat6359918661
19Workshop Incharge Mahudha6359918667
20Workshop Incharge Matar6359918670
21Workshop Incharge Nadiad6359918673
22Workshop Incharge Petlad6359918676
23Depot Manager Anand6359918644
24Depot Manager Balasinor6359918647
25Depot Manager Borsad6359918650
26Depot Manager Dakor6359918653
27Depot Manager Kapadvanj6359918656
28Depot Manager Kheda6359918662
29Depot Manager Khmbhat6359918659
30Depot Manager Mahudha6359918665
31Depot Manager Matar6359918668
32Depot Manager Nadiad6359918671
33Depot Manager Petlad6359918674
34Deputy Engineer6359918641
35Divisional Workshop Supt.6359918642
36Divisional Account Officer6359918638
37Divisional Adm. Officer6359918636
38Divisional Mech. Engineer6359918635
39Divisional Statistical Officer6359918639
40Divisional Traffic Officer6359918634
41Divisional Traffic Supt.6359918643
42Divisional Controller6359919037
43Security Officer6359918637
44Store Officer6359918640

Faqs About Nadiad Bus Stand Enquiry No.

What is the purpose of the Nadiad Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0268-2566 411?

The Nadiad Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0268-2566 411 is a helpline that provides information related to bus schedules, ticket availability, routes, and other travel-related inquiries for Nadiad Bus Stand.

What are the operating hours for the Nadiad Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0268-2566 411?

The provided information does not specify the operating hours. It’s advisable to call during regular business hours for the most reliable assistance.

Can I inquire about bus timings and routes to other destinations from Nadiad Bus Stand using this helpline?

Yes, you can inquire about bus timings and routes to various destinations, both within Nadiad and other locations, using the Nadiad Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0268-2566 411.

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