Redmi All Product Service Centers – Address, Contact Number


Redmi, a renowned brand in the electronics industry, operates a network of service centers across various locations to provide comprehensive support for its products.

These service centers offer assistance for a wide range of Redmi products, including smartphones, accessories, and other devices.

Each service center is equipped to handle repairs, troubleshooting, and inquiries related to Redmi products. The centers are staffed with skilled technicians who are trained to diagnose and fix issues efficiently.

Toll-Free Number

Type of InquiryToll-Free NumberOperating Hours
Customer Support1800 103 62869:00 AM – 9:00 PM (All days of the week)
ProductToll-Free Number
Redmi Phones1800 103 6286
Xiaomi Earphone1800 103 6286
Xiaomi Power Bank1800 103 6286

Important Links

InformationWebsite Links
Mi Service CenterClick Here
Book Service AppointmentClick Here
Service Order StatusClick Here


What is the purpose of Redmi’s All Product Service Centers?

Redmi’s All Product Service Centers are established to provide customers with assistance, repairs, and technical support for a wide range of Redmi products, including smartphones, earphones, power banks, and more.

How can I locate a Redmi Service Center near me?

You can easily locate a nearby Redmi Service Center by visiting the official Redmi website or using the official mobile app. These platforms usually provide a “Service Center Locator” feature that helps you find the nearest center based on your location.

What services do Redmi Service Centers offer?

Redmi Service Centers offer a variety of services, including product diagnosis, repairs, software troubleshooting, warranty-related support, and expert advice on using Redmi products effectively.

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