Malegaon Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02554-234040


Malegaon Bus Stand is a significant transportation hub catering to the travel needs of residents and visitors in the city of Malegaon.

For the convenience of passengers and those seeking information about bus services, schedules, and other related queries, the bus stand provides an enquiry helpline accessible at the number 02554-234040.

This dedicated enquiry hotline serves as a valuable resource for obtaining up-to-date and accurate details about the various bus services operating from Malegaon Bus Stand.

Whether you are planning a local journey or a long-distance trip, the efficient and helpful staff at the enquiry desk are always ready to assist you, making your travel experience smoother and more convenient. By dialing 02554-234040, you can quickly get answers to your questions, stay informed about bus schedules, and plan your trips effectively.

This contact number acts as a vital link between the bus stand and the passengers, ensuring that travel information is readily accessible, further enhancing the overall travel experience for everyone using Malegaon Bus Stand.

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Online Booking/Computer Reservation/General Queries1800 22 1250
Parcel Service Operator Information07232-245351
Central Official Support022-23023900
For Technical Assistance022-23053992
Goods Transport Services of MSRTC/Freight Services022-23024068

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Malegaon (Nashik), Division Contact List

Name of Traffic Control Center / Bus StationTelephone Number
Malegaon Old02554-235630
Bus Depot No.
Malegaon Depot02554-234088

Faqs About Malegaon Bus Stand Enquiry No.

What is the contact number for Malegaon Bus Stand Enquiry?

The contact number for Malegaon Bus Stand Enquiry is 02554-234040.

What services can I inquire about using the Malegaon Bus Stand Enquiry Number?

You can inquire about various services related to the Malegaon Bus Stand, including bus schedules, routes, ticket availability, and any other general enquiries.

Is the Malegaon Bus Stand Enquiry Number available 24/7?

As of now, there is no specific information regarding the working hours of the enquiry number. It’s advisable to call during the bus stand’s operational hours for assistance.

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