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Ludhiana Bus Stand Contact – Ludhiana Bus Stand Ludhiana Bus Stand Contact Number Telephone Number, Email ID details. Many people are searching for contact details for the bus terminal to make reservations, service complaints, and other inquiries.

We currently offer Ludhiana Bus Stand contact number, email id, email address, and contact information for questions.

  • 0161-2447015 (Bus Stand Enquiry No.)
  • 76819-86120 (Bus Stand Enquiry No.)
  • 76819-86130 (Bus Stand Enquiry No.)
  • 080-47107878 (For all bus related queries, Payment/Refund/Cancellation Issue)

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Ludhiana Bus Stand Email Address

Ludhiana Bus Stand Important Links

Ludhiana Bus Stand Refund Queries

Email your questions to the address mentioned on your ticket’s copy for refund-related queries.

If you require help resolving your loan, please get in touch with The Call Center at 080-47107878.

Ludhiana Bus Stand Inquiry Numbers of Bus Stops/Depots

Depot Landline Enquiry NoMobile NoMobile No
Bus Stand, Ludhiana0161-244701576819861207681986130

Important Contact Details of Officers at Head Office

Sr. No.DesignationSTD CodePhone No.
1Secretary Transport01722742920
2Special Secretary Transport01722749978
3Additional Secretary Transport01722740852
4Director, State Transport01722704790
5Additional Director (F&A)01722702121
7Deputy Director, State Transport01722706954
8Mechanical Automobile Engineer01722704606
10AC (F&A)01722702121

Ludhiana Bus Stand Direction

Special Note

Please Carry the following documents compulsorily before boarding

  • Travel Ticket (1 Copy Or Ticket On Mobile)
  • Photo Identity Card (One Copy – Govt. Approved)

Other Information

The reporting time is 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

The time of departure and arrival stated in the tickets are only tentative timings that may be altered due to unforeseeable situations.

The coach is expected to stay at the station at the time stated on the ticket.

Seats will be confirmed only after successful payment. (Depending upon Seat Available).

The Management has the option to alter the number of seats.

Co-Seats of a lady passenger traveling by herself must be confirmed one female passenger in only one event of the online passenger.

The total amount of the ticket is charged to children who are older than three years old.

Ludhiana Bus Stand Baggage & luggage Criteria

A maximum weight of 20kg of Baggage & Luggage is allowed per person.

More than 20kgs will be charged according to the policies.

Management is not accountable in the event of theft, loss, or damage to the items or personal belongings of the passengers.

Baggage and Luggage are transported on your responsibility.

Controlling contraband products is not permitted in possession of any person.

Ludhiana Bus Stand FAQs

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