Kumbakonam Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0435-2431 251


The Kumbakonam Bus Stand, a bustling transportation hub located in the heart of the picturesque town of Kumbakonam, serves as a vital link for travelers commuting across the region. For any traveler seeking information regarding bus schedules, routes, or other related inquiries, the Kumbakonam Bus Stand Enquiry provides a dedicated contact point.

By dialing the number 0435-2431 251, passengers can access timely and accurate information about departure and arrival times, ticket fares, and available routes. This service enhances the overall travel experience by offering convenience and assistance, ensuring that individuals can navigate their journeys with ease and make informed decisions about their travel plans.

Whether embarking on a pilgrimage to one of the numerous temples in the area or exploring the cultural treasures of Kumbakonam, the Bus Stand Enquiry serves as a valuable resource for both locals and visitors alike.


PurposePhone Number
Online Reservation Toll Free Number95139 48001
Bank Queries – Billdesk / Helpdesk044-4907 6316
Bank Queries – Billdesk / Helpdesk044-4907 6326
Koyambedu Bus Stand94450 14450
Assistant Manager – Operation Queries94450 14412
Complaints & Suggestions Whatsapp Support94450 14448

Email Address

PurposeEmail Address
Reservation Related Queries/Suggestionscommercial@tnstc.in
Reservation Related Bank Queriespgsupport@billdesk.com

Important Links

PurposeImportant Links
Search & Book Ticket OnlineLink
Buses ServicesLink
TNSTC e-Ticket ReservationLink
View/Print TicketLink
Cancel TicketLink
Special ServicesLink

Reservation Centres

Enter NameBus Stand Phone
Kumbakonam0435-2431251Municipal New Bus Stand,
Kumbakonam – 612 001.

Outstations (S.E.T.C. Tamilnadu Ltd.)

DesignationDepot Phone
Bus Stand
Phone No.
B.M – Kumbakonam0435-24213130435-2431251New Bus Stand,
Kumbakonam- 612 001.


1. What is the purpose of the Kumbakonam Bus Stand Enquiry number 0435-2431 251? The Kumbakonam Bus Stand Enquiry number, 0435-2431 251, serves as a helpline for passengers seeking information related to bus schedules, routes, and other travel-related inquiries.

2. How can I use the Enquiry number to find bus schedules? You can dial 0435-2431 251 and inquire about the departure and arrival times of buses, as well as details about available routes and their frequencies.

3. Can I inquire about ticket fares using this number? Absolutely, you can get information about ticket fares for different routes by calling the Kumbakonam Bus Stand Enquiry number.

4. Is the Enquiry number available for both local residents and visitors? Yes, the Enquiry number is a valuable resource for both locals and tourists, providing them with essential travel information.

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