Karnal Bus Stand Contact No. 0184-225 1158


Karnal Bus Stand, located in the city of Karnal in Haryana, serves as a pivotal transportation hub connecting various destinations within the region and neighboring states. This bustling bus terminal caters to the travel needs of thousands of commuters and travelers on a daily basis. To provide essential information and assistance to passengers, Karnal Bus Stand has a dedicated Contact No.

The Contact No. for Karnal Bus Stand acts as a valuable resource for travelers seeking details about bus schedules, routes, availability of buses, and other travel-related inquiries. Whether it’s information about local city buses or long-distance services, the Contact No. serves as a 24×7 helpline to ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience for all.

The courteous and knowledgeable staff manning the helpline are always ready to assist passengers, offering real-time updates on bus timings, ticket availability, and any unexpected delays. This Contact No. is especially helpful for both local residents and tourists, enabling them to plan their journeys efficiently and navigate through the region’s extensive bus network with ease.

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Phone No.

PurposePhone No.
Toll-Free Number (Transport Dept. Haryana)18001802407
All India Number (Online Booking of Seats)0172-270 4014
All India Number (Gurgaon Inquiry Office)0124-232 0222
All India Number (Delhi Inquiry Office)011-2386 1262
All India Number (Another Inquiry Office)011-4216 1053


General Querytransport.haryana@gmail.com
Online Bookingtransport@hry.nic.in

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List of Enquiry Numbers of Bus Stands

Sr. No.DistrictBus StandEnquiry Number
1KarnalKarnal Old Bus Stand0184-2251158

Telephone Numbers of Depots

DesignationLandline No
General Manager0184-2254290
Traffic Manager0184-2254290
Works Manager0184-2251752
Store Purchase Officer0184-2251752
Accounts Officer0184-2254290
ADA (Assistant Depot Manager)0184-2254290
Duty Inspector0184-225

Faqs About Karnal Bus Stand Contact No.

What services can I inquire about using this Contact No.?

You can inquire about bus schedules, routes, availability of buses, and any other travel-related information using this Contact No.

Is the Contact No. available round the clock?

The availability hours may vary, so it’s advisable to check the operating hours of the Karnal Bus Stand’s Contact No. for specific timings.

Can I use the Contact No. for online bus reservations?

The Contact No. may not be used for online bus reservations. For online booking, it’s recommended to visit the official website or use designated booking platforms.

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