Kannur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0497-2707 777


The Kannur Bus Stand, located in the city of Kannur, Kerala, serves as a major transportation hub connecting the region with various destinations.

For the convenience of commuters, the bus stand provides an Enquiry Number, which plays a crucial role in facilitating smooth and efficient travel. By dialing this Enquiry Number, travelers can access valuable information about bus schedules, routes, fares, and other related inquiries.

The knowledgeable staff at the Kannur Bus Stand are well-equipped to assist both locals and tourists with their travel queries.

Whether someone is looking for information about buses to nearby towns, distant cities, or specific tourist destinations, the Enquiry Number serves as a reliable resource. Additionally, the Enquiry Number can provide updates on any changes in schedules due to holidays, unforeseen events, or weather conditions, ensuring that passengers can plan their journeys with ease.

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Enquiry No.

PurposeAll India Number
Helpline Online Reservation0471-2463799
Customer Relations Manager0471-2463377
Refund Issues and Technical Help9447071021

Email Address

PurposeEmail Address
Online Reservation/Transaction Queryrsnksrtc@kerala.gov.in
General Enquirycmd@kerala.gov.in

Zonal Head


Unit Head

District Transport OfficerKNR
Dist: KNR
K Yoosuf0497-2705960, 9495099915knr@kerala.gov.in
District Transport Officer (Addt. charge)PNR
Dist: KNR
K Yoosuf0498-5203699, 9188526762pnr@kerala.gov.in
Assistant Transport OfficerTLY
Dist: KNR
Ajeesh Kumar0490-2343333, 9188526763tly@kerala.gov.in

Faqs About Kannur Bus Stand Enquiry No.

What is the Enquiry number for Kannur Bus Stand?

The Enquiry number for Kannur Bus Stand is 0497-2707777. This number is available 24 x 7 to assist with your queries.

What kind of information can I obtain from the Kannur Bus Stand Enquiry number?

You can get various information related to bus services, such as bus schedules, routes, fares, availability of seats, and any other general inquiries about the bus stand.

Is the Enquiry number specific to a particular zone or district?

The Kannur Bus Stand Enquiry number is for the North Zone and belongs to the Kannur district in Kerala.

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