Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0285-2630 303


Junagadh Bus Stand, located in the picturesque city of Junagadh in Gujarat, offers a crucial transportation hub connecting travelers to various destinations. To facilitate smooth travel and assist passengers, the bus stand has established an Enquiry Center accessible at the contact number 0285-2630 303.

The Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0285-2630 303 serves as a valuable resource for commuters, providing essential information about bus schedules, ticket availability, routes, and other travel-related queries. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Enquiry Center are dedicated to offering prompt and accurate assistance, enabling passengers to plan their journeys with ease.

With this dedicated helpline, Junagadh Bus Stand ensures that travelers, both locals and visitors, can access up-to-date information and make informed decisions about their travel arrangements. The Enquiry No. plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers, making their journey from Junagadh Bus Stand to their desired destinations more convenient and enjoyable. Whether it’s about local routes or intercity travel, the Enquiry Center serves as a reliable guide for all travel-related inquiries, reflecting the commitment of the transportation authorities to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

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Toll-Free Number & All India Number

TypeToll-Free NumberAll India NumberOperating Hours
General Inquiries and Support1800 233 666 6668:00 am – 8:00 pm, Mon-Sun
Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry0285-2630303
Bus, Ticket Refund Enquiry079-2283 5000
E-Ticket Refund Complaint079-2281 0242
Gsrtc Contact NumbersPurpose
Toll-Free No.1800 233 666 666
Other Contact No(s).079-2283 5000 / 079-2281 0242


erefund@mail1.gsrtc.inFor Refunds Complaints
Mail helpdeskGeneral Helpdesk Support

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Junagadh Division Bus Stand Enquiry No.’s

Bus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
Junagadh Bus Station0285-2630303
Visavadar Control Point02873-222081
Mendarda Control Point02872-241330
Bilkha Control Point0285-2683002
Porbandar Bus Station0286-2240959
Kutiyana Control Point02804-261333
Ranavav Control Point02801-230714
Veraval Bus Station02876-221666
Somnath Control Point02876-231886
Talala Control Point02877-222353
Upleta Bus Station02826-221449
Bhayavadar Control Point02826-274480
Keshod Bus Station02871-236016
Maliya Hatina Control Point02870-222238
Vanthli Control Point02872-222084
Dhoraji Bus Station02824-221845
Jamkandorna Control Point02824-271478
Mangrol Bus Station02878-222093
Chorvad Control Point02870-288008
Madhavpur Control Point02878-272446
Bantva Bus Station02874-241444
Manavadar Control Point02874-221555
Jetpur Bus Station02823-2220116
Bhensan Control Point02873-253442

Junagadh Division Officers Contact Numbers

Sr No.DesignationMobile No.
1Stand Incharge Bantva6359918565
2Stand Incharge Dhoraji6359918568
3Stand Incharge Jetpur6359918571
4Stand Incharge Junagadh6359918574
5Stand Incharge Keshod6359918577
6Stand Incharge Mangrol6359918580
7Stand Incharge Porbandar6359918583
8Stand Incharge Upleta6359918586
9Stand Incharge Veraval6359918589
10Workshop Incharge Bantva6359918566
11Workshop Incharge Dhoraji6359918569
12Workshop Incharge Jetpur6359918572
13Workshop Incharge Junagadh6359918575
14Workshop Incharge Keshod6359918578
15Workshop Incharge Mangrol6359918581
16Workshop Incharge Porbandar6359918584
17Workshop Incharge Upleta6359918587
18Workshop Incharge Veraval6359918590
19Depot Manager Bantva6359918564
20Depot Manager Dhoraji6359918567
21Depot Manager Jetpur6359918570
22Depot Manager Junagadh6359918573
23Depot Manager Keshod6359918576
24Depot Manager Mangrol6359918579
25Depot Manager Porbandar6359918582
26Depot Manager Upleta6359918585
27Depot Manager Veraval6359918588
28Deputy Engineer6359918561
29Divisional Workshop Supt.6359918562
30Divisional Account Officer6359918558
31Divisional Adm. Officer6359918556
32Divisional Mech.Engineer6359918555
33Divisional Statistical Officer6359918559
34Divisional Traffic Officer6359918554
35Divisional Traffic Supt.6359918563
36Security Officer6359918557
37Store Officer6359918560
38Divisional Controller6359918554

Faqs About Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry No.

What is the Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry No.?

The Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry No. is 0285-2630303. This helpline provides information related to bus schedules, ticket availability, routes, and other travel-related inquiries for Junagadh Bus Stand.

What are the operating hours for the Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry No.?

The provided information does not specify the operating hours for the helpline. It’s advisable to call during regular business hours for the most reliable assistance.

Can I inquire about bus timings and routes to other destinations from Junagadh Bus Stand using this helpline?

Yes, you can inquire about bus timings and routes to various destinations, both within Junagadh and other locations, using the Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0285-2630303.

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