Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0141-2373044


The Jaipur Bus Stand, situated in the vibrant city of Jaipur, serves as a bustling hub for numerous commuters and travelers alike. As a central point for various bus services, it plays a crucial role in connecting people to different destinations within and beyond the city. For the convenience of passengers, the bus stand provides an essential Enquiry helpline accessible at No. 0141-2373044.

This Enquiry number acts as a valuable resource for travelers seeking information about bus schedules, routes, fares, and other related queries. The dedicated staff at the Enquiry desk is committed to assisting passengers and addressing their concerns promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s a local city bus route or an intercity journey, the Enquiry helpline proves to be a reliable source for accurate and up-to-date information.

With the aid of this helpline, travelers can plan their journeys more effectively, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. The Jaipur Bus Stand’s Enquiry No. 0141-2373044 serves as a guiding beacon, enhancing the overall transportation services and contributing to the city’s efficient and well-connected transport network.

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Toll-Free Number & All India Number

TypeToll-Free NumberAll India Number
Jaipur Bus Stand1800 2000 1030141-2373044
Jaipur Control Room9549456745
Central Bus Stand0141-2207902


helpdesk.rsrtc@rajasthan.gov.inOfficial RSRTC Helpdesk Email
rsrtchelpdesk@gmail.comAlternative RSRTC Helpdesk Email
jaipurops@billdesk.comJaipur Bus Stand Payment Portal

Important Links

Important LinksPurpose
Online Bus BookingBook bus tickets online
Ticket CancellationCancel booked bus tickets
Refund StatusCheck the status of ticket refunds
Frequently Asked QuestionsFind answers to commonly asked questions

General Enquiry

OfficeTelephone No.
Control Room, Head Office, Jaipur (Open 24 hrs.)0141-2373044
Central Bus Stand, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur0141-2207902
Enquiry Naryan Singh Circle, Jaipur0141-2574904
Duty Officer at Sindhi Camp, Jaipur0141-2207903
Accident Cell at Sindhi Camp, Jaipur0141-2207908
ISBT Kashmiri Gate011-23864470

For E- Ticketing Technical Problem (Online Ticketing)

Telephone No.Purpose
7412069769General Enquiries
7412069699General Enquiries
0141-5105097E-Ticket Refund/Cancellation Enquiries
Toll Free No.1800 2000 103

Depot Enquiry

Name of DepotChief Manager Office No.Chief Manager Enquiry No.
Jaipur (CBS)0141-22079020141-2207906

Faqs About Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No.

What is the Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No.?

The Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. is 0141-2373044. It serves as a helpline for passengers seeking information about bus schedules, routes, fares, and other related queries.

Can I call the Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. for ticket booking?

No, the Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. is specifically for providing information and answering general queries related to bus services. For ticket booking, you can use online platforms or visit the bus stand counters.

Is the Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. available 24/7?

Yes, the Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call this number anytime you need assistance or have questions related to bus services.

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