Indian Railways Customer Care No. 139


Passengers can contact the Indian Railways’ specialised customer service department with any questions, grievances, or suggestions regarding their train trip. The customer support department is available via phone, email, or social media twenty-four hours a day.

The Indian Railways customer service number is 139, and it is accessible across the country. To learn more about your train timetable, PNR status, seat availability, and other crucial travel-related details, dial this number from your mobile device. You may also call this number to express grievances or offer suggestions.

The following methods are also available for contacting Indian Railways customer service in addition to the customer care number:

Email: The customer care service’s email address is

Social media: Indian Railways is engaged on a number of social media sites, including as Facebook and Twitter. Using these sites, you may contact them to request information, file grievances, or offer comments.

PNR/Cancellation/Fare Inquiry, Seat availability, Current train running position139
Grievance Number138
General Inquiry1800 11 1139
Railway Police1800 11 1322
Catering Complaint or Suggestion1800 11 1321
Helpline For Children and Women182
State Zonal Wise RailwayPolice1512 
Lost/Missing Child Help1098 
Feedback and Suggestions through SMS9717630982
Vigilance Help Line No.011- 155210

Send SMS to 139 (SMS Charge 3/SMS)

The Indian Railways’ designated SMS service number is 139. With the use of this service, passengers may learn about their train timetables, PNR status, and other crucial travel-related details.

  1. Use these methods to send an SMS to 139:
  2. your smartphone’s messaging app should be opened.
  3. Make a fresh message.
  4. Enter “139” in the recipient field.
  5. Write your question or request in the message body using a format like “PNR your PNR number>” or “TRAIN train number>”.
  6. Send the message.

Please take note that regular SMS fees will apply, which for the majority of Indian cell networks are generally approximately 3 rupees each Text. Moreover, make sure you have a solid mobile network connection so you can send and receive SMS.

You may obtain up-to-date information on your train’s timetable, operating status, seat availability, fare inquiries, and other critical travel-related data with the 139 SMS service. Passengers who do not have access to the internet or who prefer to get information by SMS may find this service to be of particular utility.

EnquirySMS FormatSend it toExample
For PNR EnquiryPNR <10-digit PNR number>139PNR 1234567890
For Train Arrival/
Departure Enquiry
AD <Train number> <Station STD code>139AD 12859 011 (STD Code of Delhi)
For Accommodation
SEAT <Train number><Station from: STD code>
<Date of Journey ddmmyy><Station to: STD
code><Class e.g 1A ,2A ,SL or G><Quota>
139SEAT 12561 020611 0542 0571 SL G
For Fare EnquiryFARE <Train number><Date of Journey ddmmyy> <Station form: STD code>
<Station to: STD code><Class><Quota>
139FARE 12561 020611 0542 0571 SL G
For Train Time
Time <Train number>139TIME 14034
For Train Name/Number<Train Name> or <Train number>139TN Kalka Shatabdi or TN 14034

For Any Complaints or Suggestions (24*7)

Railway reservation139
SMS (Related to passenger information)139
For feedback and suggestionsSMS at 9717630982
Food Quality Complaint / Pessenger’s Opinion Card1800-111-321
For Helpline/ Complaint/ Suggestions138

Railway Police Helpline

The helpline number for Railway Police in India is 182. This number can be used to report any crime or suspicious activity on trains or railway premises. In case of an emergency, passengers can also dial 112, which is the all-in-one emergency helpline number in India, that will redirect the call to the respective authority. Additionally, most railway stations also have a police station or a help desk where passengers can go in person to report any incidents or seek assistance.

Police operated by State Government PoliceDial 1512 
Police under control of central govt. (RPF)Dial 1800111322 

Vigilance Toll-Free Helpline

If you observe any unethical or corrupt behaviour on the railways, you can call the specialised hotline, Railway Vigilance Toll Free Helpline. The railway’s vigilance office has a 24-hour hotline for receiving and processing reports of bribery, corruption, and other forms of misconduct on the rails.

If you need assistance from Railway Vigilance in India, you can dial 1800-111-322 for free 24/7. This is the hotline to contact if you encounter any unethical behaviour or corruption on the train.


Security Helpline or Railway Police

Throughout all of India, you can call the Railway Police’s security helpline at (182). Call this number if you have any security-related worries, including theft, robbery, or any other criminal activity on the railroad.

The general emergency number 112, which is a universal emergency number in India, can also be used to call the Railway Police in an emergency.

182 or Dial 1800111322

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