Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0124-2320 222


The Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No., with the contact number 0124-2320 222, plays a vital role in assisting travelers and commuters in the bustling city of Gurgaon. As a reliable source of information, this helpline serves as a one-stop destination for various bus-related inquiries, including schedules, routes, fares, and other essential travel details.

Operational during the bus stand’s working hours, the Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No. provides prompt and accurate updates on bus arrivals and departures, allowing passengers to plan their journeys with ease and convenience. Whether it’s local travel or intercity transit, this helpline ensures that individuals receive real-time assistance, contributing to a seamless travel experience.

Staffed with knowledgeable personnel, the Enquiry No. caters to the diverse needs of commuters and travelers, guiding them with relevant information and addressing their queries with efficiency. Additionally, the helpline’s availability fosters connectivity and promotes tourism within the region.

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All India Number

TypeAll India Number
Bus Stand Enquiry0124-2320 222


PurposeEmail Address

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List of Enquiry Numbers of Bus Stands

Sr. No.DistrictBus StandEnquiry Number
1GurgaonGurgaon0124-2320222, 9306068221

Telephone Numbers of Depots

DesignationLandline No.
General Manager (Addl. Charge)0124-2322391
Traffic Manager0124-2322391
Works Manager0124-2322391
S P O (Station Protection Officer)0124-2322391
Accounts Officer0124-2322391
ADA (Assistant Divisional Manager)0124-2322391
Officiating Establishment Assistant0124-2322391
C.I. (Criminal Investigator)0124-2322391
Duty Inspector0124-2322391

Faqs About Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No.

What is Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No. used for?

Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No. is used to provide information and assistance to travelers and commuters regarding bus schedules, routes, fares, and other related inquiries at the Gurgaon bus stand.

How can I contact Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No.?

You can contact Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No. by dialing the phone number 0124-2320222 or 9306068221. These helpline numbers are staffed with knowledgeable personnel to help with various travel-related queries.

What services can I inquire about through Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No.?

Gurgaon Bus Stand Enquiry No. can assist you with inquiries related to bus schedules, availability, ticket bookings, and any other general information about the bus stand and its services.

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