Ernakulam Bus Stand (Kerala) Enquiry No. 0484-2372 033


The Ernakulam Bus Stand, situated in Kerala, serves as a pivotal transportation hub catering to the travel needs of both local commuters and tourists. This bustling bus stand connects various destinations across the region, making it a vital link in Kerala’s transportation network.

Travelers seeking information regarding bus schedules, routes, and other related queries can conveniently reach out to the Ernakulam Bus Stand Enquiry at the phone number 0484-2372 033. This helpline serves as a valuable resource, providing accurate and up-to-date information to assist passengers in planning their journeys effectively.

Whether it’s details about departure times, ticket availability, or any other travel-related information, the Enquiry number offers a convenient way for passengers to access the information they need for a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

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PurposePhone Number
Bus Stand Enquiry (All India)0484-2372 033
Helpline Online Reservation0471-2463 799
Refund Issues and Technical Help94470 71021

Email Address

PurposeEmail Address

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Bus Stations Enquiry 24 X 7

OfficeContact No.
Dist: Ekm
 0484-2372033 (24 x 7)
Office Of The Assistant
Transport Officer, Ksrtc, Ernakulam

Customer Support

PurposePhone Number
General Enquiry0471-2471011 (10 lines)
Control Room18005994011 (Toll Free)
Fax0471-2462679 (Fax)

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