Comfort Inn Corporate Office address and Headquarters phone number


Comfort Inn Corporate Office address and Headquarters

The Choice Hotels International, Inc. is a hospitality franchisor based in Rockville, Maryland, United States. The company, which is one of the largest hotel chains in the world, owns several hotel brands ranging from upscale to economy.

If you are a regular customer of Comfort Inn Company and would like to contact the headquarters of Comfort Inn Company for the solution of your problem then below is their phone number, email, and office address through which you can easily contact.

Comfort Inn Corporate Office Phone Number

Use the phone number below to contact Comfort Inn’s headquarters directly by phone.

Phone Number: 301-592-5000

Customer Support Phone Number


How do i contact Comfort Inn head office office?

Support hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday Closed Central time. You can also contact your Comfort Inn support representative.

To contact Comfort Inn corporate office you can first use the phone number as per the information given above then you can use the address and get in touch by email.

Executive Team

Patrick PaciousPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Dominic DragisichChief Financial Officer
Simone WuSenior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & External Affairs
David A. PepperChief Development Officer
Janis CannonSenior Vice President, Upscale Brands
Patrick CimerolaChief Human Resources Officer
Robert McDowellChief Commercial Officer

Comfort Inn Headquarters Corporate Address

10750 Columbia Pike,

Silver Spring, MD 20901.


What is the phone number for Comfort Inn’s corporate office headquarters?

The phone number for Comfort Inn’s corporate office headquarters is not provided in the search results. However, you can contact Choice Hotels International, the parent company of Comfort Inn, at (301) 592-5000 for general inquiries and corporate contacts.

Is there a Comfort Inn corporate office in my state?

The search results do not provide information on whether there is a Comfort Inn corporate office in your state. However, you can contact Choice Hotels International at (301) 592-5000 for more information on corporate contacts and locations.

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