Chandigarh ISBT Enquiry No. 0172-2704 014


Chandigarh Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT) stands as a pivotal hub connecting travelers to diverse destinations. For inquiries, guidance, or details concerning bus schedules, routes, and services, you can rely on the dedicated contact number: 0172-2704014.

The knowledgeable and helpful staff at the ISBT are readily available to provide real-time information about arrivals, departures, ticket bookings, and any other essential travel details. Whether you’re a local commuter or an out-of-town visitor exploring Chandigarh’s attractions, the ISBT’s contact number ensures a seamless and hassle-free travel experience, catering to your transportation needs.


Contact NumberPurpose
0172-2704014Chandigarh ISBT Enquiry
0172-2606672Bus Stand, Chandigarh (Now At Mohali) Enquiry
080-47107878All bus related queries, Payment/Refund/Cancellation Issue

Email Address

Email AddressPurpose
punbusadmin@travelyaari.comIf you are not able to cancel ticket
refund@punbusonline.comRefund Request
refundchd@punbusonline.comFor cancellation & refund related queries-Chandigarh Depot

Important Links

Check Your Booking/View BookingBooking Check/View Link Here
Ticket CancellationCancellation Link Here
Feedback FormFeedback Form Link Here

Transport Helpline

ServicesContact No.
1. Inquiry No. at ISBT, Sector-17 , Chandigarh0172-2700006 (Enquiry)
2. Inquiry No. at ISBT, Sector-43, Chandigarh18002747400 (Toll Free Number Enquiry)
3. Duty Inspector, Depot No. I (Long route operation)0172-2990214 
4. Duty Inspector, Depot No. II (Local operation)0172-2990215
5. Duty Inspector, Depot No. III (Long route and sub urban operation) 0172-2677033,2677066  
6. Duty Inspector, JnNURM Depot (Local operation)0172-2624418
For late running/non-running of long/local buses and general information regarding  buses, please contact the officials at Sr. No. 3 to 6 on the telephones as mentioned against each.
For any issue pertaining to City Bus Service of CTU , please complaint at Toll Free Number 18002747400

Inquiry Numbers of Bus Stops/Depots

Depot Landline Enquiry No.Mobile No
Bus Stand, Chandigarh
( Now At Mohali)


  1. What is the purpose of the Chandigarh ISBT Enquiry Number 0172-2704014? The Chandigarh ISBT Enquiry Number provides information about bus schedules, routes, and services operating from the Chandigarh Inter-State Bus Terminus.
  2. Can I inquire about bus arrivals and departures using this contact number? Yes, you can inquire about real-time bus arrivals, departures, delays, and other travel-related information using this number.
  3. Is the Chandigarh ISBT Enquiry Number available 24/7? The availability of the contact number might vary, but it is generally operational during the bus terminal’s operational hours for assistance and inquiries.
  4. Can I get information about ticket bookings, fares, and seat availability through this number? While the primary purpose of the number is to provide bus-related information, the staff might also help with basic details about ticket availability and fares.

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