Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No.


Bhavnagar Bus Stand is a vital transportation hub located in the city of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India. It serves as a major gateway for travelers commuting within and around the region.

To ensure smooth travel and facilitate passenger queries, the Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. plays a crucial role.

The Enquiry No. serves as a dedicated helpline for passengers seeking information about bus schedules, routes, fares, and other essential travel-related details.

Whether one needs to inquire about the departure and arrival times of buses, the availability of seats, or any other travel-related assistance, the Enquiry No. is a reliable point of contact.

The Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. is staffed by knowledgeable and courteous personnel who are always ready to assist travelers with their inquiries and provide prompt solutions. By offering this service, the bus stand authorities aim to enhance the overall travel experience and ensure that passengers have access to up-to-date information.

For both local commuters and visitors, the Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. acts as a valuable resource, ensuring that their journeys are well-informed and hassle-free. It not only serves as a hotline for immediate assistance but also contributes to the efficient management of the bus stand operations, promoting a seamless transportation network in the city.

Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No.: 0278-2424 147

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Email Address

PurposeEmail Address
For Refunds
TypePhone NumberOperating Hours
Toll-Free Number1800 233 666 6668:00 am – 8:00 pm (Mon-Sun)
All India Number0278-2424147 (Bhavnagar Bus Station Enquiry No.)
All India Number079-2283 5000 (For Bus, Ticket Refund Enquiry)

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Bus & Booking Enquiry

Sr. No.Bus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1Bhavnagar Bus Station0278 2424147
2Shihor Control Point02846 222174
3Vallabhipur Control Point02841 222465
4Umrala Control Point02843 235135
5Barwala Bus Station02711 237450
6Botad Bus Station02849 251420
7Gadhda Bus Station02847 253556
8Dhasa Control Point02847 233044
9Gariyadhar Bus Station02843 250055
10Mahuva Bus Station02844 222217
11Talaja Bus Station02842 222054
12Palitana Bus Station02848 252168
13Palitana Taleti Control Point02848 252110

Bhavnagar Division Contact

Sr No.DesignationMobile No.
1Depot Manager Barwala6359918403
2Depot Manager Bhavnagar6359918406
3Depot Manager Botad6359918409
4Depot Manager Gadhada6359918415
5Depot Manager Gariyadhar6359918412
6Depot Manager Mahuva6359918418
7Depot Manager Palitana6359918421
8Depot Manager Talaja6359918424
9Deputy Engineer6359918400
10Divisional Workshop Supt.6359918401
11Divisional Account Officer6359918397
12Divisional Adm.Officer6359918395
13Divisional Mech.Engineer6359918394
14Divisional Statistical Officer6359918398
15Divisional Traffic Officer6359918393
16Divisional Traffic Supt.6359918402
17Divisional Controller6359919028
18Security Officer6359918396
19Stand Incharge Barwala6359918404
20Stand Incharge Bhavnagar6359918407
21Stand Incharge Botad6359918410
22Stand Incharge Gadhada6359918416
23Stand Incharge Gariyadhar6359918413
24Stand Incharge Mahuva6359918419
25Stand Incharge Palitana6359918422
26Stand Incharge Talaja6359918425
27Store Officer6359918399
28Workshop Incharge Barwala6359918405
29Workshop Incharge Bhavnagar6359918408
30Workshop Incharge Botad6359918411
31Workshop Incharge Gadhada6359918417
32Workshop Incharge Gariyadhar6359918414
33Workshop Incharge Mahuva6359918420
34Workshop Incharge Palitana6359918423
35Workshop Incharge Talaja6359918426

Faqs About Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No.

What is Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. used for?

Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. is used to inquire about bus schedules, routes, fares, and other travel-related information for buses departing from Bhavnagar Bus Stand.

How can I reach the Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No.?

You can reach the Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. by dialing 0278 2424147 on your phone. It is the dedicated helpline for bus-related inquiries at the Bhavnagar Bus Stand.

Are the Enquiry services available 24/7?

No, the Enquiry services are not available 24/7. The Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. operates during specific hours, generally from early morning till late evening. Please check the operating hours for accurate timings.

Can I get information about buses to other cities from the Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No.?

Yes, you can get information about buses to other cities and towns from the Bhavnagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. They can provide details about various routes and available bus services.

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