Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry No.


Belgaum Bus Stand is a bustling transportation hub located in the city of Belgaum, India. As a vital link between various destinations, it serves as a significant center for public transportation, connecting travelers from different regions. One essential service offered at the Belgaum Bus Stand is the Enquiry No, a dedicated information counter that caters to the queries and concerns of passengers.

The Enquiry No at Belgaum Bus Stand plays a pivotal role in providing accurate and up-to-date information regarding bus schedules, routes, fares, and any other travel-related inquiries. Whether someone is a local commuter seeking details about local bus timings or a tourist in need of assistance in planning their journey, the Enquiry No staff are committed to offering prompt and reliable guidance.

In addition to bus-related information, the Enquiry No may also provide details about nearby amenities, hotels, tourist attractions, and other essential services, making it a valuable resource for both residents and visitors. This information counter strives to ensure that every individual’s travel experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry No.

77609 91612

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Enquiry Number of Belgaum Bus Stand

PurposeContact Number (ALL INDIA NUMBER)Availability
Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry7760991612Available during working hours
Belgaum Central Office7760991635Available during working hours
Call Center (Enquiry / Grievances / Refund Claims)080-26252625Available during working hours
Ticket Failed Transaction080-22220386Mon-Fri: 10:30 am to 5:00 pm, Sat: 10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Booking/Ticket Online Queries7760990035Available during working hours
CRM, General Enquiry Old Number9449596666Available during working hours
Complaints regarding operation/cancellation of service080-49596666Available during working hours

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Refund Rules and Procedure for claims

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General Enquiry Contact Numbers

Designation/SectionMobile No.Landline No.Email
General Enquiry / Call Centre9449596666N/AN/A
Control Room7760990100N/AN/A
Control Room7760990560N/AN/A
Bengaluru Central DivisionN/
Control Room7760990287N/AN/A
Ticket Booking And Bus Operations EnquiryN/AN/
AWATAR Section -17760990034N/AN/A
AWATAR Section -27760990035N/AN/A
Reservation Counter (KBS)7760990561N/AN/A
Shanthinagar Bus Stand/Booking Counter [BCD]7760990988N/AN/A
Casual Contract Bus Booking (CELL) – KBS7760990535N/AN/A
MCTC Bus Stand-Enquiry7760990530N/AN/A
Pickup Point – St. John Hospital7760990952N/AN/A
Pickup Point – Yelahanka7760990955N/AN/A
Pickup Point – K.R. Puram7760990956N/AN/A
Incharge Chennai Control Point [BCD]9445566642N/AN/A
ATM Tirupati – Control Point [BCD]9493173152N/AN/A
Coimbatore – Control Point [BCD]9489055100N/AN/A
Mumbai – Control Point [BCD]9867082056N/AN/A
Kempegowda International Airport – Pickup point [BCD]9972213726N/AN/A
Shanthinagar Bus Stand-Enquiry [BCD]7760990531N/AN/A
Ooty Bus Stand-Enquiry [BCD]9488825816N/AN/A
Thrissur TC Point-Enquiry [BCD]9495155100N/AN/A
Poona control point-Enquiry [BCD]9449014010N/AN/A
Refunds for Online/Mobile Bookings (Accounts Dept) Failed Transactions (Amount deducted, but ticket not booked)N/A080-22221321 (EXT NO: 283)
Accounts (AWATAR)-17618765800N/AN/A
Accounts (AWATAR)-27618765900N/AN/A
What is the contact number for Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry?

The contact number for Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry is 7760991612.

What services can I inquire about at Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry?

At Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry, you can inquire about bus schedules, routes, fares, availability of seats, and any other general information related to bus services.

What are the operating hours for Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry?

Belgaum Bus Stand Enquiry is available during working hours. It is recommended to contact them within the specified operating hours for accurate and timely information.

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