Bathinda Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0164-2215 143


The Bathinda Bus Stand is a big transportation center in the city of Bathinda, which is in the Indian state of Punjab. It’s a hub for different bus routes, both ones run by the government and ones run by private companies. The bus stop is a major intersection that connects Bathinda to other cities and towns in Punjab and states that are close by.

There are many things for travelers to use at the Bathinda Bus Stand, such as ticket counters, waiting areas, bathrooms, shops, and food stands. Buses come and go from the bus stop at regular times, so there is usually a lot going on there.

If you have specific questions about the Bathinda Bus Stand, such as about bus times, routes, or ticket reservations, you should contact the local transportation authorities, bus service providers, or check the official websites of the relevant agencies for accurate and up-to-date information.

Bathinda bus stand contact number

Phone NumberPurpose
0164-2215143Bathinda Bus Stand Enquiry
0175-2311717Complaints related to Bathinda Bus Stand
08047107878Bus-related queries, payment, refund, cancellation
08047107878Cancellation and Refund

Bathinda Bus Stand Contact Email

Email AddressPurpose
punbusadmin@travelyaari.comTicket cancellation assistance
enquiry@punbusonline.comGeneral inquiries about Punbus
refund@punbusonline.comRefund requests for Punbus
info@travelyaari.comTicket inquiries and information

Inquiry Numbers

Bus Stand,

Corporate Office

Chandigarh-Jeevandeep Building,
Sector 17,  (Near TDI Mall) Chandigarh

Bathinda bus stand timetable prtc

Chandigarh – SangrurAC3:25:00₹ 217
Chandigarh – PatialaAC2:05:00₹ 137
Mansa – ChandigarhAC4:51:00₹ 170
Chandigarh – SunamAC3:20:00₹ 205
Chandigarh – MansaAC4:58:00₹ 297

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