Bareilly Bus Stand Enquiry No. 975 887 9300


The Bareilly Bus Stand, located at the heart of the city, stands as a pivotal junction for travelers navigating through the region. For those seeking timely information about bus routes, schedules, and other travel-related queries, the Bareilly Bus Stand Enquiry offers a reliable contact point. By dialing the number 975 887 9300, commuters can access valuable details regarding departure and arrival times, ticket fares, and available routes.

This service significantly enhances the travel experience by providing convenience and assistance, ensuring that individuals can make well-informed decisions about their journeys. Whether embarking on local errands or venturing to explore the city’s attractions, the Bus Stand Enquiry is an indispensable resource for both residents and visitors, facilitating seamless travel and easing the navigation process.


PurposePhone Number
Toll-Free – Enquiry/Complaints/Reservation1800 180 2877
All India – General Enquiry0522-2622 363
All India – Ask For Extension0522-2625 453
All India – Call / WhatsApp Support94150 49606

Email Address

PurposeEmail Address
Helpline and

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Frequently Asked QuestionsLink
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Contact Helpline Numbers

Enquiry No.NameContact No.
  Shri R.K. Tripathi9415550222
Bly Old
Bus Stn.
9758869300Shri R.B. Yadav9415115350
Bly Bahedi
Bus Stn.
8755505458Shri R.B. Yadav9415115350 
(Sat. Bus Stn.)
9758879300Shri Rajesh Kumar9415049676
Badaun8791124107Shri Laxman Singh9412705814
Pilibhit9457439554Shri V.K Gangwar9212705039

Corporate Office

HQ, Tehri Kothi,
MG Marg Lucknow-226001
Ph. : 0522-262 2363
Fax : 0522-2623578


1. What is the purpose of the Bareilly Bus Stand Enquiry number 975 887 9300? The Bareilly Bus Stand Enquiry number, 975 887 9300, serves as a helpline for travelers seeking information about bus schedules, routes, and other related queries.

2. Can I inquire about bus timings using this number? Absolutely, you can call the Enquiry number to get accurate information about the departure and arrival timings of buses from the Bareilly Bus Stand.

3. Is the Enquiry number available 24/7? Yes, the Enquiry number operates round the clock, providing assistance and information at any time of the day or night.

4. Can I use the Enquiry number to know about ticket prices? Certainly, you can ask about ticket fares for various routes by dialing the Bareilly Bus Stand Enquiry number.

5. How can I get information about bus routes? By calling 975 887 9300, you can inquire about available bus routes and destinations from the Bareilly Bus Stand.

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