Angul Bus Stand Enquiry No


The Angul Bus Stand Enquiry No is a crucial contact number that enables you to gather information about the bus services, ticket availability, departure and arrival timings, and any other inquiries related to the Angul Bus Stand. It serves as a direct point of contact between passengers and the bus stand authorities, providing convenience and assistance to travelers.

Toll-Free Number & All India Number

TypeNumberOperating Hours
Toll-Free Number (General Support/Complaint)1800 345 112210 am – 6 pm
All India Number (Online Booking/E-Booking Refund)9513508001Operating Hours Vary

Website & Email

Website Official Website (Online Booking) (General Support / Complaint)

Important Links

Online Bus BookingClick Here
Bus Time TableClick Here
View/Print TicketClick Here
Track Your BusClick Here
Ticket CancellationClick Here
Counter BookingClick Here
Online Booking Complaint RegistrationClick Here

Contact Number of Operators of  Booking Counter

Name of Computerised Booking CounterName of EmployeesContact Mob. No.
AngulManas Ranjan Das, Cont. Conductor9178743836
Deeptiranjan Panda, Cont. Conductor9776360463

List of  prepaid Agents with Contact No.

Place of CounterName of ApplicantContact Mobile No.
AngulPradeep Ku. Rout9437964501

Faqs About Angul Bus Stand Enquiry No

Are there any Volvo buses available at Angul Bus Stand?

Yes, Angul Bus Stand offers Volvo bus services for a comfortable and luxurious travel experience.

Can I book bus tickets online for Angul Bus Stand?

Yes, online booking facilities are available for Angul Bus Stand. You can visit the official website of the bus service provider or use reputable online ticketing platforms.

Is there a cloakroom facility at Angul Bus Stand?

Yes, Angul Bus Stand provides a cloakroom facility for passengers to store their belongings securely.

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