Aligarh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0571-2400 743


Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is a renowned transportation company dedicated to providing efficient and reliable services to the people of Uttar Pradesh.

With a wide network of buses and a commitment to customer satisfaction, UPSRTC ensures seamless connectivity across the state.

For any enquiries, complaints, or reservations, customers can reach UPSRTC’s 24/7 toll-free helpline at 1800 180 2877.

Additionally, general enquiries can be made through all India numbers: 0522-2622 363 or 0522-2625 453 for extension requests. For convenient communication, call or WhatsApp support is available at 94150 49606.

To access UPSRTC’s services and stay updated, customers can visit the official website where they can find online booking facilities, frequently asked questions, a feedback form, and other important information. The online support team can be reached via email at, while general enquiries can be directed to, and specific information can be obtained from

With the aim of making travel more accessible, UPSRTC offers an official mobile app that enables users to conveniently book bus tickets and access relevant travel information. The app can be installed from the official website.

To enhance customer experience and provide quick assistance, UPSRTC has established a comprehensive officer’s telephone directory. This directory contains contact information for various officers and officials who can address specific concerns and provide necessary guidance.

In order to facilitate easy access to UPSRTC services, the corporation has established numerous depots and bus stations throughout Uttar Pradesh. For enquiries regarding specific depots or bus stations, customers can refer to the following contact numbers:

  • Aligarh Depot/Bus Station: 0571-2400743, 0571-2405747
  • Budhivihar Depot/Bus Station: 0571-2405444
  • Kasganj Depot/Bus Station: 05744-244279
  • Etah Depot/Bus Station: 05742-233627
  • Hathras Depot/Bus Station: 05722-232594
  • Naraura Depot/Bus Station: 05734-222398
  • Atrauli Depot/Bus Station: 05723-223120

UPSRTC strives to provide a seamless transportation experience to the people of Uttar Pradesh. With its extensive network, dedicated staff, and customer-centric approach, the corporation remains committed to connecting people and enhancing mobility across the state.


How can I make an online bus reservation with UPSRTC?

To make a reservation online for a bus through UPSRTC You can go to their official web site, and utilize the online booking option. Choose your preferred route time, date, and bus type. You can then complete the reservation by supplying the required details of the passenger and paying the fee.

What is the toll-free number for UPSRTC?

The UPSRTC toll-free phone number can be reached at 18001802877. This number is available 24 hours a day and is available to inquire about general inquiries or complaints as well as reservation-related questions.

How can I contact UPSRTC for general enquiries?

For general inquiries for general inquiries, call UPSRTC’s All India number at 0522-2622-363. The knowledgeable staff will help you with any concerns or questions that you might have.

Is there a dedicated helpline for UPSRTC?

Absolutely, UPSRTC provides a particular helpline which can be reached via You are welcome to contact this email address to receive any assistance or advice you need.

Where can I find the UPSRTC mobile app?

The UPSRTC mobile application can be downloaded directly from the UPSRTC website. Go to the website and search at”Install app” under the “Install App” section to open the mobile app and experience the ease of purchasing bus tickets as well as getting travel information via your smartphone.

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